Upgrade from Scout to Scoutmaster-how did it go?

Just wondering how many folks can discern the upgrade of just the plinth alone?Believe that other options like Signature arm,ring clamp,other VPI tweaks as well a Cart and Phono Section upgrade can make big differences (same for better rack,wall mount,Gingko Cloud or other isolation devices) can make big sometime huge difference ( especially the cart and Phono upgrade if there of high enough quality.I am a believer in high mass where ever it can be put..But I wonder if you did a comparison between single and sandwich plinth and if it had "night and day" change the way other mods can.Can anybody talk about chnage where other chnages allready were inplace or not done and concentrate just on plinth change?
Tough question when you limit it to only the plinth. The Scoutmaster also has a different motor and larger platter, so the whole package works together.

I did the Scout to Scoutmaster upgrade last year and am still very happy. I've upgraded the phono pre a few times since, and it's kept up all the way to the Tom Evans Groove.

The actual Scout to Scoutmaster (as basic as the plinth, motor, platter) upgrade gives you a good amount more detail and much lower background noise.

I also added the SDS and a Gingko Cloud 11 around the same time. The SDS was the most significant upgrade IMO and should be mandatory for anyone even thinking about upgrading their Scout. The Cloud 11 was good, but not as significant as any of the other upgrades I made around that time.
Interesting about Gingko not being as dramatic as other upgrades since harry said in Ginko press "Adding Ginko is like going from $500 to $2500 Cartridge" or words to that effect.I spoke with Mike a VPI and he said any motor can haul arround any platter and when I asked him which was better a Scout with $1K heavy supper platter or Scoutmaster he went with Scout and said they are great with heavy plater.I guess it's platter inertia that makes big difference.Am thinking of going from large Aries 1/TNT5 to Scout all tricked with SDS,$1K heavy platter,outter ring clamp,BDR racing Clamp (I have two piece would like one piece)Mini Feet(or Cloud from Gingko).Reduction in arm and plinth subsidies cost of others an though I give up VTA on Fly it's just if I stay with Stock Aries (or get Platter and outer ring) I have to have bigger rack and pay mega $$ for extra tubes.Plus I'd have Valhalla wiring and anti-skate on 9" cheaper than modding 12.5.Some folks think I am nuts but Mike at VPI thinks I'll dig it.He thinks SDS and heavy plater (even a TNT5) will make big difference without long arm massive plinth.
As much as I respect the guys at VPI, I think they have too many upgrade paths right now and it's becoming a bit of a maze.

I wish I'd just bought a Super Scoutmaster instead of doing all the upgrades :)
I agree with Mike. I think the platter is the most effective part of the Scout to Scoutmaster upgrade. You really don't lose VTA on the fly.. it's maybe not quite as easy but I've done it no problem. It's a knob easily turned at the base. Just have to take it slow and be careful not to bump the arm.
Good to hear about VTA.Thought you might have to "get involved".Ghunter-I can't agree because having upgrades s fun.But a major boner they pulled was this "give us your TNT5 platters and trade it in for neato all acrylic platter that fits clamp".Now I would be pissed if I did that and THEN saw that they offered a $1K SUPER HEAVY platter.I saw all these folks give pathetic rationale to "new platter when used without ring sounds as good just different" or even "It's better".BS.If I put on lower weight platter and then saw a heavier super 23 lbs for $1K or $2K super SUPER platter I'd get pissed.Now maybe I have this wrong maybe the stock Aries platter is a heavy super p[latter so it only gives and upgrade if you go for $2K super combination platter that is like TNT5.I understand that they were probably expensive to make but mass is important.I think I was thinking that Scout with Super Platter was moe of difference than Scoutmaster with it.But now I am thinking because of taller motor and less resonant plinth I should get Scoutmaster if I do anything.What I'd really like is to find a cheap Aries 1 and rig that first with 9" and latter a 10.6 as $$ allowed.But speaking around the Scout/Scoutmaster and 9" arm is probably more FOR THE DOLLR than Aries 3.So I agree even I am confused but like the option that you can enjoy as time and funds permit unless you go balls to the wall out of gate.