Upgrade from Rotel RCD-1072

This thread is for those of you who sold your Rotel RCD-1072 CD players and upgraded. What did you folks upgrade to in the way of a higher end CDP and was it an upgrade with significant improvement and a stark difference in fidelity, soundstage, detail, etc? Thanks.
tagging this thread, I'd be interested to know as well, as I am still researching the Next Big Upgrade...
I think you would need to spend alot of money to get a noticable difference. The Rotel is probably the best budget cdp made, hence the great re-sale value. Unless you are having issues with the Rotel, I would look elswhere in your system for upgrades...
Lets compare, say, the Cambridge Audio 740 against the Rotel RCD-1072. The Rotel sells for about $400 used, the CA sells for around $600 used, $800 new. These two units are ones that I have been thinking about for quite a while. I have not heard either of them.
I upgraded to a McIntosh universal player - to keep the same faceplate in my system and to add the SACD capability. The Rotel is a tough player to beat for the $$$ - either used or new.
Have you considered using the Rotel as a transport and purchase a new DAC? There are excellent DACs for under $500 and will give you the flexibility of hooking in your TV or CPU also..... I had great success using a Rotel/EAD dac combo!
Thanks folks. I get the consensus and that's kind of what I thought. The Rotel is a tough act to follow. I was thinking of the Rega Apollo. But you're right in that there's probably very little difference in performance.

I'll most likely now look elsewhere within the system for upgrading. Mik971: thanks for the recommendation about a separate DAC. Appreciate that but it's probably not a path I'll take. But I appreciate it anyway.

I'm not having any issues at all with the Rotel. None, it's perfect. It's just that I have the upgrade bug !!

Realremo: The Cambridge and Rotel units are probably comparable British designed machines. If you're thinking of either one, you will be served well by either. Thanks everyone.
I have a 1072 and enjoy it very much. I recently added a Squeezebox Touch and I cannot tell the difference between the two playing the same 16/44.1 song from the same CD, and in both cases using analog out. Yet the Touch provides so much flexibility plus ability to play 24/96 files that I now rarely turn the 1072 on at all. Even better value at $350!

My next step is an outboard DAC for both.

FWIW the rest of my system is Lamm LL2 pre, McIntosh MC275 amp, B&W804S speakers, Rel sub.
I have two systems (one with a RCD1072) and another one with a cambridge 840C, I think the cambridge is a nice upgrade over the RCD 1072 although more expensive. Don't expect miracles though, as most said, the rotel is capable, the nice bonus on the 840C is the inputs on the DAC, which I use with my squeezebox.
I had Rotel 1072 and it was realy nice cd player,but it is realy not in the same league with players that cost from 3000 to 5000usd.(around 3000eur here in europe). I tried Meridian G08, Pathos Digit, Bryston BCD 1, and that time ended with Bryston.Resolution cant be compered between those two,it is the matter of the rest of your system which player you will choose,but I guess all this mentioned above are much better including Ayre 7 which I tried in some other opportunity.Than again,last year changed the Bryston with few times more expensive Burmester,and still the improvment is huge,its just the question if the rest of your system is good enough to make you hear the difference,and of course,do you think is that the best way to spend your money.If that is no issue,sky is the limit
I'm using a Neko Audio D100 external DAC and it made a huge improvement over the Rotel player. The RCD-1072 is a good budget player for the money but its musical presentation is pretty colored and on the dry side of things. I didn't realize this until I compared it with the Neko which is so natural and effortless itself, but that's what a $1200 DAC gets you. If I never heard the Neko, I'd still be happy with the Rotel.
I got rid of my 1072 and went back to my Marantz CD63-SE + (original) MSB Link DAC. I never warmed up to the Rotel. Later I added a Denon 2910 universal player and then I replaced the Marantz with a NAD M5 CD/SACD player. I'm very pleased with the NAD. The Denon is great but it frequently refuses to play.
The one thing I can describe well about the NAD is that it makes some (most) classic rock CDs much more bearable than the Marantz or Rotel did. The NAD is a little more revealing and forward. If you like the Rotel, though, I'd venture to say you would not like the NAD.
Thanks all for the additional responses. Players in the $3K to $5K would simply not be in my budget with a senior in high school heading to college next year !! But would love to have one. Perhaps someday.

Achilles, yes I was considering the NAD M5 and figured that would be a definite upgrade plus it would handle my SACDs as well. Had a chance to purchase one preowned for $1K but didn't do it. I do love the NAD sound as well and actually that was my original brand of CD players and receivers years ago. The Rotel does seem to do a great job with jazz, smooth jazz, etc. NAD perhaps a bit better with classic rock, agreed. May still look at that next time the funds become available. Thanks.
I've also been pretty impessed with the less expensive NAD CD players (and integrated amps).
I was able to find my M5 new for $900 from a dealer who was discontinuing NAD products.
Pdn, have you considered the RCD-1520? My dealer told me it's a big improvement on the 1072 and is a completely different machine.
Great! Another recommendation for someone asking about something nine years ago 😂😂