Upgrade from Rega P5

I am a very happy P5 owner that is considering the next level. My P5 has the GT sub plater and acrylic plater. Wonderful sound but I know there is more to hear with better tables. I'd love to hear anyone else's similar upgrade story and suggestions. I'm thinking 4 to 5K for a budget. Thank You
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At 4-$5K you should have plenty to choose from. If you insist on new, a VPI Classic would be hard to beat. If you are looking for value (if not, you should be) consider a used higher end table here on Audiogon. You can find tables, with arms, that sold originally for $10K. I've seen a newer Goldmund Studio, with T3 arm, for around your budget range. Believe me, some vintage tables are real bargains and you will be the beneficiary. If you find one for less that you like, spend the rest on a great cartridge.
Thank You. I've considered that option. So much to research.
Have a look at the Linn Majik LP12 for an upgrade within your price range.

Once you own the Majik LP12, there's a number of upgrades you can add (over time) to get to a fully loaded Linn Sondek LP12.

Linn Majik LP12:
If your happy with the Rega P5 give the flagship Rega P9 consideration. It's no exotic beauty queen but many prefer it over tables at the $10k price point.
I would agree with Dayglow, if you must buy a new table. The P9 certainly exceeds the performance of a great many tables costing quite a bit more.
There is Nottingham Ace Spacedeck with tonearm here for $1700 obo. I doubt you can do better for the money. Add to this $500-$1000 new cartridge and that's it. If you go for this table don't buy optional heavy kit, it will spoil the dynamics. Nor do you want VPI motor controller, it is no good for Nottingham.
But if you must spend $5k there are better tables at least used. There is also TW Raven table here new for $5k without tonearm.
I would stay away from VPI and Rega.
Everyone's got their preferences... I'd look at VPI and Rega before anything else.
I went from a P5 to a P7 and now have a P9. I have not looked back.
Have you ever thought of upgrading the arm? For under a grand you could try the Audiomods Rega. Drops right in now you have VTA adjustment and is a big step up from the stock Rega arm on the P5. Not to mention you still have the Rega arm to sell or put on another table.

I have a Majik LP-12... Im not a big fan at all, way way to sensitive to foot fall. I think for around $5k you can do a heck of alot better. I just don't see the value in this table. I am using an Adikt cartridge and the table just came back from being calibrated. It wears me out, It does't make me want to listen to my vinyl, actually makes me want to play CD's... I have owned it 3 months and can't wait to trade it in.
My suggestion is take 1 home first. I wish I had spent more time auditioning mine before I bought it.

I will probably try a VPI or a Nottingham next
RP8 is a big time leap forward from the P5. No doubt Rega's biggest bang for the buck right now. $3,000.00 would do it, Spend the extra $$$ on a Lyra Delos and you will have a state of the art Rega TT for about $4,650.00.