Upgrade from PSB Imagine B


I am a confessed speaker freak (addict). Always looking for the next best thing (that I can afford -usually used) I was lucky enough to get a pair of PSB Imagine B monitors used from a local stereo shop from $500 a bout a year ago. I like their warm sounds and accurate imaging. Once you get a taste of a good thing, you want more ehh??

I'm wondering if there are recommendations for something that will bump be up to the next level for $1000 used. I listen to stereo and surround-sound movies equally and have only one small living room for my listening so I have a Marantz SR6004 to drive my 5.1 system so separates are not an option. The other speakers are B&W LM1 in the rear and a Velodyne Sub. I listen to vinyl and CD equally and usually have the sub on for stereo listening so I don't need a monitor with amazingly deep bass.

I know that auditioning speakers is the best way but I'm also interested in opinions and reviews so I can keep my eye out for online deals. Maybe this is not possible in my price range? I'm also a designer so I am easily seduced by a good looking speaker without always knowing if it sounds as good as it looks ;-)

I'd appreciate any thought from the A-gon crowd.