Upgrade from PS Audio Lambda?

I am running a PS Audio lambda transport and wonder what transport might be recommended to replace this unit? I am not exactly happy to replace it, but the drive appears to be crapping out. Can anyone suggest the means to replace the drive or another transport that will equal or even better the lambda? I dread pulling this from my system!!
What is the problem with the transport? If you are receiving the ERR message when you first place a disc in the transport this problem can be fixed relatively easily. PS Audio has directions for the fix if you e-mail them. The CDM9 transport is excellent but apparently no longer available. I have heard that some makers of CD players are able to rebuild this drive...you might explore this possibility.
Good Luck!
I emailed Paul Mcgowen at PS audio. He is the one who suggested that the drive may be going bad. Do you happen to know which manufacturers can rebuild the drive? With this option, cost begins to become a factor when measured against a *less obsolete*, newer transport. I am just not sure how much I will need to spend to equal the lambda. Paul at PS insists that this should not be too difficult and even stated that the sony 9000es progressive scan/sacd/dvd player is even better than the lambda. I am skeptical.
I've seen mention in the archives here that the Sony9000es was a rather poor transport as directly compared to even 5-10yr old dedicated transports, further, the redbook playback of that machine and the newer 999 doesn't seem to do 'it' for most people, either. Do some searching.
I follow Rec'd as far as transports go till i get what i want. Example: Pioneer PD-75/Lambda/Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 and now the CEC TL-1X. Each one better than the last.