Upgrade from project tubebox se II

Would the Heed Quaszar be a step up? What would be a good find at about 1,500 used? This is my first analog front so I've never even heard anything else. Here is my current set up...
- project carbon debut ( undated the cart to Ortofon bronze.
- project tubebox se II
-pass labs X0.2 pre
-pass labs X350.5 amp
-Thiel 3.6 rebuilt drivers
- balanced harmonica tech IC's ( cardas rca on the analog side)
-harmonic tech pro 11 speaker cables
Your expert advice is approximated
Max, the phono pre is the gateway to great vinyl sound. I would highly consider a used Manley labs Chinook ($1700) or a new Musical Surroundings Nova 2 ($1200). Both of these are in your range and you would have to spend triple that to get better sound and options for both MC/MM cartridges, IMO. Regards,

Matt M
Heed Quasar 1500 used?
Theyre available NEW for 1200 at Elusive Disc.
Probably compares with other SS units twice the price.

If I didn't prefer a full tube experience, the Quasar sounds quite natural(YMMV naturally) When I had one they were under 1K.
Still not a bad price for what you're getting.
I must not have worded that very well. What I meant was I have a budget of about $1,500, while at the same time inquiring about the Heed Quasar. I actually new the retail price of the Heed but wanted to hear from those who might have heard the Heed. What I'm wondering is would the Heed be a step up from the Tubebox and or could I purchase something used within my budget that would get me to that next level. In which case I'll read the reviews then seek out said component. Thanks for the input. I'm a novice when it comes to analog so I appreciate the advice.
Thank you Matt looking into them
I have a nice Quicksilver tube phono preamp listed here for $550. I just purchased the newer model (1595). Give it a look, it just might be what you are looking for, and you can save yourself some cash! Quicksilver makes outstanding gear!
Sorry Yogi boy I took matts advice and sprung for a used Manely chinook. I read several reviews and decided I'd give it a shot . I can always sell it if it's not right for me. I suspect it will, Thanks for the advice. I'll right a review soon as it breaks in. Although I'm sure it out performs the tubebox II in every way. And that is the extent of my phono stage knowledge 🎼
Nice choice!