Upgrade from Pass Xono - Recommendations

Looking for a equivalent or an upgrade from the current Pass Xono which I need to leave it on all the time! I need a phono amp with a high gain since I'm using a Lyra Helikon SL. But no tube phono amps please... Any advice will be much appreciated.
The ASR Basis Exclusive is a great phono preamp, IMHO. It is very neutral and very dynamic. Two of my friends use this unit, (and I wish I could afford it). Both use very low output MC cartridges, (one is the EMT cartridge with a 0.2mv output). Used the price is about $3,500, which is not too bad actually. Read the reviews by both Fremer, in Stereophile, as well as by HP in TAS.

It has an impressive list of features, including:
A. It is battery powered, and it automatically recharges the batteries when the unit is not in use.
B. When the unit senses that a signal is being sent from the cartridge, it automatically switches out the AC power, to run completely from batteries.
C. It is amazingly quiet.
D. It actually is two phono preamps in a single case, which allows two tonearms/turntables to be used.
E. It has both single ended and balanced inputs and outputs.
F. It has lots of different loading and gain settings, all easily changed with the flip of a dip switch.

Another good choice would be the Einstein Turntables Choice. (Available in either the single ended version, or the balanced version, although the later is basically just two single ended units with XLR terminations @ 50% more money). I've heard the balanced version, and it is very, very good. (Whether it is better or worse than the ASR Basis Exclusive is debatable, as both are top notch units.)

The Manley Steelhead is a hybrid phono preamp, which is highly regarded as well. (But it does have some tubes, but it is pretty darn quiet for a tubed unit.) It too has lots of features, including allowing two tonearms/turntables to be used at the flip of a switch, and it even has a set of analog inputs, and a volume control, which will allow the unit to be used as a preamp. (And the latest version has a remote control.) Note, this unit is available in single ended only configurations.

Good Luck in your search!
Kindly drop me an email should you decide to offload the Xono.
What issues are you having with Xono or where do you want to improve? Leaving it on seems to be your only complaint (but that is somewhat common for SS gear to sound it's best)

Just curious before I offer advice, Thanks
The main issue is that I bought a Nordost Thor power conditioner recently and the I left it on all the time to power the Xono. The Thor is running very hot and consumes too much electricity. That is why I'm keeping a lookout for a worthy SS phono amp which does not need to be left on all the time to sound its best.
Of course I think there are tube phono sections that are better, but one of the better, maybe best solid state phono sections I've heard is the Tom Evans. Seems to me it is kind of pricey- about $10,000 if I recall right.
Some time we did a comparison with XONO, Groove +, Tron Seven, Whest 30, PS Audio GP, Klyne 7 Phono
Sonically all preferred the Klyne 7
Still not clear on the objection to tubes, but for SS Rauliruegas' (A'gon member) Essential 3150/3160 phono/line preamp is about the best I've heard.

It came reasonably close to my Doshi Alaap and didn't seem to need much warmup (though owners would know more). Not cheap, but you didn't mention a budget.
I'm not sure why you use a pc on the Xono. The power supply filtering on the unit is extensive. It uses more uF filtering than most power amplifiers. I'm betting it would sound better without it.

The Xono's sonic limitations stem from the so-so electrolytics in the signal path which rob it of tonal color & a bit of transparency. This is easily remedied if you're nutty enough to fix it.
I agree with Doug Deacon. Raul Iruegas's SS Essential 3160 2 box preamp with integrated phono stage is superb. I heard it in my system when Raul came to the US last year. If I were looking to spend the money, it woud be high on my list of potential purchases.
Shsohis, I had the Xono, went to the ASR Basis Exclusive and went again to my current phono stage the Audia Flight. I would heartily recommend the Audia over the other two choices as it is(almost) a one box solution, provides for both MC and MM input, provides RCA in and RCA and XLR out, is incredibly quiet, very well built and most important sounds sensational in both MM and MC mode (after extended running in I hasten to add).

You can turn it off and power it back up in about 60 seconds and pricing is not outrageous and very reasonable used. I must state, however that I leave my equipment with the exception of the power amp on 24/7 and always have.