Upgrade from Parasound CDP 2000 ultra

I'm looking to upgrade my present CD player which is a Parasound CDP 2000 (which I like a lot) and looking to spend just over $2000 for an used, unmodded, integrated unit. One trait I like about the Parasound is that it is quiet and somewhat analog sounding. I'm intrigued by the Gamut CD 1 mark 2 which can be had for about that cost. Other's I'm considering are the following based on comments I have read:

EMC 1 UP (a bit of a stretch)
MF Nu-Vista (or A5?)
Linn Ikemi
Cary 306
Meridian 588

I'm also intrigued by the new Marantz unit (SA11S?) but am gun shy about the noise problems I have been reading. My question is the Gamut the real deal for my price range?
I think you should go for the meridian 588.24, still one of the best around. It has a very open and authoritative sound.If you get one try it with Cardas cables.
Your Parasound CDP 200 Ultra has exceptionally good sound. I'd suggest you don't lock yourself into purchase of something more expensive until you try it in your system and see if it makes an audible improvement. Don't be in a hurry to replace this excellent player just because something else is newer, costs more, and has more recent buzz and hype.
A friend had one modified and he was very pleased with the results. You may check this possibility.
Jahaira: If you have any infomation on this I would really appreciate it if you could pass this on. I believe that Mod Wright at one time did do an upgrade. thanks.
Hello; If you want more music from your CD ultra then I suggest some upgrades to it. After all the fundamentals are in place; as I hear it, you are looking for enhancements; musical ones. Best to you. Robert