upgrade from Paradigm Studio 20s?

I bought a new set of Studio 20s for my main (living room) system last year. They have been a big upgrade from my college cast-off speakers .. my first set of serious quality speakers. Now, I am thinking of another upgrade.

My budget might be $2K for a pair ... bookshelves or towers. Actually, I might consider towers, in order to eliminate the sub ... simplify life a bit.

Anyway, would I hear an improvement, at this price-point?
Any suggestions?

Would have to be attractive and high WAF.

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I'm thinking about upgrading my Paradigms to Fritz Carbon 7's. Stellar reviews.
What else is in your system?
Definitely Fritzspeakers Carbon 7. You will love the bass.
No need for subwoofer
keep the sub and get good bookshelves. all the above are good suggestions. I would add some totems and the smallest PMC (the DB1i I think). heard lots of good things about the proacs and some of the other brands but the best for detail I've heard are the PMC's. I have some ERA D5 units that IMO beat the paradigms but I dont think they will do what you want as well as your budget will allow, actually thats a nice way of saying for $2K you can do better. $2K will get you some really nice monitors and I must agree with Bob above about the $3K price break.
All good advice...but for 2k i dont think you are going to make a quantum leap in performance unless you are willing to go with a large Magnepan,3-way Vandersteen, etc...both poor WAF...u could add a sub...but 90% of music is in the midrange...and i dont think even that would be a huge upgrade unless you listen extensively to organ music, electronica, reggae, etc...all depends on your listening preferences...FWIW...in the more conventional 2-way design...GMA europas are hard to beat...
I've lately been looking at Salk Songtowers ... attractive, affordable, and getting great ratings so far.

My system:
Emotiva ERC-1 CDP
Emo USP-1 preamp
Emo UPA-2 amp
Songtowers not a bad choice...still think if u are seeking a change make it a big one...planars, stats, etc...probably a nice speaker...but again...not a huge upgrade in performance from what u currently own....just my .02....
i agree with phasecorrect--assuming you want a real upgrade, not a lateral move, i'd look at something with more wow. since you've got a sub, like many of the above posters, i'd opt for monitors--proac response, totem model 1 sig, lsa, revel m22 (high waf) or even paradigm signature, which are a considerable sonic and aesthetic upgrade over the vg studios.