Upgrade from Ortofon 2M Red to MC-1?

I've been using the Ortofon 2M Red that came with my Pro-Ject Debut TT, and have the opportunity to get a pretty good deal on an Ortofon MC-1, a high output MC cartridge.  Just how much of an upgrade would this be - what kind of improvements in sound could I expect?  My phono stage is the Bellari VP 530.  They'll be running through an NAD T753 receiver and Chapman T5 speakers.  Thanks for any opinions!
A high output MC cartridge must be avoided (in general), if you want an MC look for LOMC (Low Output), there is only disadvantages of high output compared to the low output if you undertsnad the principle of Moving Coil.

I think an upgrade over your MM cartridge could be a IM or MI cartridge, something like ADC TRX-2 with Sapphire cantilever (IM = Induced Magnet) or Grado Signature XTZ (MI = Moving Iron). The output of both is just like MM, but you can replace the stylus by yourself (you can not do that with Ortofon MC).

I think you can easily upgrade your MM to much better MM like the Grace F-14 BR/MR (absolutely killer).

Have you ever tried an MI or IM cartridges ? Watch SoundSmith lecture and he will explain why MI is always better than any MC.
Thanks, chakster, I appreciate your input.
Find yourself a good used Pickering XV15 (MI) and order a new stylus for it, the 1200 version, from LP Gear. This is a high profile stylus that sounds and tracks superbly. I have several quality MM and MI cartridges (Ortofon (2M Black), Nagaoka (MP110, 150 and 200), Shure (m97xe, V15IV), Stanton (800s), Grado (Sonata) and Pickering (XSV3000 and 4000)) and, by far, the XV15 sounds superior to all of them.
Pickering (XSV3000 and 4000)) and, by far, the XV15 sounds superior to all of them. @stevecham

How could it be true if the original D3000 and D4000 are nude Stereohedron styli of the low mass (tracking force is just 1 - 1.5 g) high compliance, the best styli from pickering. While XV15 versions are the cheapest with bonded elliptical (1200e) or even conical styli on a huge fat cantilever of high mass (mid compliance), designed to track at 1 - 5g (tracking force) ???

LP Gear styli are not the original, they are made by Jico, custom ordered by LP Gear. Just entry level bonded styli. I would NEVER trust the LP Gear when it comes to vintage cartridges, especially the top models. They are normally selling some bnak styli with a little info about the manufacturer. No one can make a cheap nude stylus equal to the genuine Stereohedron or Sterehedron II (they are very expensive and very rare).

If D150 stylus cost $90, the D3000 Stereohedron cost $300 minimum.

Here is the price reference from an old UK distributor:

Do you own an original Stereohedrom styly for your Pickering ?

If entry level cartridge sound superior to the best cartridges Pickering ever made then something wrong with you or with your XSV cartridges.

Pickering XSV-3000 is great MM equal to Stanton 881s

Pickering XV15 is entry level cartridge equal to Stanton 680EEE

@stevecham Thanks!  I appreciate your input.