Upgrade from original HRT Music Streamer II

I'm currently enjoying streaming a ton of great music from MOG.com via an original HRT Music Streamer II (red trapezoid shape) into my system. I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer DAC, one which can also handle digital optical inputs from a widescreen Sony TV and DVD player. I may also want to "experiment" with patching my Rotel RCD-1072 deck through this new DAC as well. Since most of my "true listening pleasure" still comes from LP's and CD's, I want to keep to a $300 budget for my "extra" computer listening and TV/DVD watching. My main choices seem to be the Emotiva XDA-2 (currently on sale direct from Emotiva for $249) or the Musical Fidelity V-DAC 90. What are your thoughts ? And as a second question,..... will a new DAC give me a worthwhile musical enjoyment improvement form my Rotel, or is the Rotel deck pretty perfect just the way it is ? I'd appreciate any comments and thoughts directly answering my question or even somehow related to it. Thanks a lot, and Happy Holidays !
My friend in the current RMAF that just passed, i heard the Hegel H80 Integrated Amplifier (75wpc,built in dac with two optical input,two spdif input,usb) - i can tell you for its price i think 1800-1900 def under 2k) it was a unbelievable combination for a all in one solution..it drove a pair of Magico S1 to unbelievable bliss..another option is for you to get EvoDac from M2Tech (but i didn't see them at the show) but my cousin has this for similar use like yours (has one optical input,one spdif input) but i dont know anything more about this probably its good to google, but has very good reputation and is cheap.
My beautiful new Emotiva XDA-2 was delivered by UPS on Thursday ..... perfectly packed in a double shipping carton with fitted styrofoam inserts, arrived in pristine condition. I "burned it in" for thirty six hours, then sat down and started listening. My initial impressions ..... Holy Crap ! This thing sounds amazing !

Compared to my Music Streamer II, which I have truly enjoyed and still recommend as a wonderfully musical USB DAC, this Emotiva XDA-2 throws a wider and deeper soundstage, offers greater dynamic range, seems more "crystal clear" without any upper end harshness, and offers a fuller top to bottom coherent presentation. When comparing, I can only rely on music through my MacBook Pro, since the HRT is USB only. Streaming tunes through MOG.com and listening to downloads from HD Tracks, I am very happy with the improvement that I am hearing in the sound of music. The Emotiva is definitely a big jump in quality over the HRT unit.

Now, the extra stuff that I can use with the Emotiva is fantastic. 75 ohm coaxial digital cable from my Rotel RCD-1072 to the XDA-2 ...... My CD's are sounding better. Optical cable from my DVD player to the XDA-2 ..... My DVD's are sounding better. The XDA-2's remote is a pleasure to use, and I am enjoying my "digital hours" in my listening room more than ever before.

Bravo the folks at Emotiva ! This XDA-2 is a marvelous product and an incredible bargain at the current $249 price. Are there better DAC's out there ? Absolutely ! Is there a better overall value out there ? I doubt it.