Upgrade from Oppo Sonica DAC

I am thinking of upgrading my Oppo Sonica DAC. What would be a good DAC around 3K USD range to look at? Main source is Tidal streamed directly to the DAC. I feel my setup is lacking bit of soul in the current setup. Will a move to R2R type DAC make a huge difference?

Below is my current setup.
Speakers: Canton A45
Amp: Parasound A21+P6
Cables:Blue Jeans cable.

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I haven't owned the Sonica, but I did have an Oppo HA-1 and have an Oppo 105D.  If the Sonica has the same "house" sound, then there are more musical (which to me means "less digital" sounding) DAC's out there. 

A used Auralic Vega will come in way under your budget and be a big improvement.  A new Auralic Vega G1 would stretch your budget, but includes streaming (the original Vega is a DAC only).