Upgrade from Naim nac 122x to nac 202. Worth it?

Hi. I,m currently running a CAL transport into a Bryston Bda1 dac. This is feeding a Naim Nac 122x preamp Nap 150x amp powering PMC Gbi speakers. I recently latched on to a Hicap power supply and could hear the difference over my flatcap 2x power supply. I love the sound but have to wonder, how much more magic could a Nac 202 bring to the party, and what about the Nap 200? Are they worth the extra money?
Look here:

Thanks for the info. Trouble is, I've already been there. The consensus is that I need to go all the way up to the Nac 282 to make it worthwhile. To do this would cost more than the rest of my stuff is worth. The Brits also fealt that the presence of a Bryston Dac was contaminating my kit. The use of synergistic research interconnects was something I had to defend. I am looking for a north American perspective to see if Naimies here had the same opinions.