Upgrade from my GSP era gold

I am looking to upgrade from my current GSP Era Gold. Looking for suggestions in the $1000 used market. I was considering a ARC PH-3 or even a 1.
Any thoughts on these. I don't know very much about the PH-1 though. I would like the option of going back to a low output MC.
Why would you want a low output moving coil? Get yourself a competent moving magnet and it will beat the pants off a too fussy lomc. More dynamic, better bass and much more. Hey, and replaceable stylus!
Please tell us what "competent" MM cartridges will best a MC in the 1K-2K price range. I can't even think of one that will beat a Dynavector 20XL. Just dreaming, perhaps?

maybe a music maker iii?
>>maybe a music maker iii?<<
No question. The Music Maker will destroy the Dynavector 20XL in the right tonearm. No contest. The 20XL is lean and sterile vis a vis the Music Maker. Don't forget though you're comparing cartridges at 2 diferent price points.