upgrade from my BENZ ACE low output MC cartridge

I am curently using BENZ ACE low output MC cartridge. I am looking to buy a better one used or new. I am in the price range of $800~1000. Any sigestions will be appreciated.
What do you like about your Benz, and what would you like to have improved? Do you like Benz in general?

What turntable, arm, phonostage and step-up are you using?
NO brainer to me would be the Benz Glider.. very highly regarded, not sure if it's low output however but may be available both ways.
Zyx R100H is a knock out for under $900.

Smokes any Benz at that price.
Benz Glider is nice. You can have it as low, medium and high output version. I had the low output version once.

To me the Benzes sounds smooth, they all have a nice flow and kind of "wet" sound. They never sound dry or steril. I have had the Glider L2, L04 and Ruby3 and I liked them all. The Glider is not the warmest of them, but it's still slightly on the warm side. If your after the tightest bass you my choose different.
Mirror, Benz has not changed the ACE yet retail has gone up 350 dollars. Why? It is a giant killer. The differences between my Ace L and Ruby III L are startlingly small. Have you considered a better phono pre? You don't say what you are using. Z,
I have owned both a Benz Ace Medium and ZYX R100H Yatra. The Yatra sounded
clinical and it lacked warmth in my opinion, and I preferred the somewhat more
midrange intensive, and less precise Benz Ace.

Eventually, I bought a Dynavector XX2 MK II, which combines the benefits of
both cartridges in my set-up. It has better tonal balance than the Benz, while
avoiding the clinical sound of the ZYX Yatra.

My table is a KAB Technics SL1200 MK II with fluid damper, tone arm rewire, and
outboard power supply. Phone preamp is a Heed Quasar.
Thank you guys for all responses. I am using a build by my own pre and turntable. Turntable platter and bearing is from Thorens, motor is DC brushless outboard beltdriven, arm is SME 3009 II. The phono pre is tube based on 12AX7 first tube and 12AT7 second. Step up is tube also 12AX7. I am really happy with the pre. It has also impedance match for different setups. I like the detailed, not clinical liquid sound of Benz. I was also thinking about Shelter as an option, but never compared both. What do you think about Shelter as a cartridge?
Thanks a lot!
I have more questions. What is the difference between new S series and the old one? Any opinions on low and medium output versions?
I bought a Shelter 90X used once, as a backup for my XV-1s. I don't know if the Shelter was worned out but I never got the best out of it. Even if I didn't got this cartridge right I could tell it had very nice dynamics, excellent tonal balance and a powerfull bass. I would not blame Shelter for the sibilants I never got rid of. I might have recieved a worn out cartridge in the first place.

So, in my opinion the Shelters are excellent. But I believe it's difficult to tell which is the better choice when I don't know the system.
Audiomirror...If you're question is regarding the "S" on the new Benz's, I understand that it pertains to the frame of the cartridge. The S class has a brass frame which reduces the resonances of the cartridge due to its more stable platform. The S series is therefore heavier than the original. I never A,B'd them, but I understand that the S series is slightly cleaner. I have an Ebony LP original that I'm very happy with. When the stylus becomes worn, I will take advantage of the Benz exchange program for an "S".