Upgrade from MIT 4 to Lat 1000 d speaker cables?

I am using MIT 4 biwires on my Aerial 8B speakers, I would like to upgrade to a reasonable priced cable, the Lat 1000 d biwires seems like a good choice , but I am unable to audition, can anyone offer advice on this, I am a little skeptical on spending a lot on cables, the main reason I want to change from the mit's is that I don't like the screw on connectors, thanks all
I am currently using biwired LAT 1000D cables in my system (Bel Canto electronics, Legacy Sig III's, Sony 777ES sacd, Shunyata Hydra). They compare with most any other cables I have used including Cardas Cross, Analysis Plus Oval 9, Harmonic Tech. They do have a 30 or 45 day guaranty so you have nothing to lose. I am very happy with them.
I agree for an inexspensive cable the harmonic tech. I light years away from the mit t-4 the mits sound compressed and dark in comparrison. Good Luck
Samski, I trialed a set of LAT 1000-D bi-wires with Aerial LR3/CC3b fronts in my HT system. The synergy with the Aerials was not ideal imo. Aerials are quite neutral, a tad laid back, and slightly dark sounding. The Aerials need a well balanced, and open sounding cable. The LAT to my ears sounds overly laid back in the mids and highs, and has a very full bass. With the Aerials this combination sounded dull and lifeless, and exagerated the Aerial's already strong bass. I returned the LATs and ended up with DH Labs Q10. Much better balance, more dynamic, open, and extended without being bright. They're less expensive then the LATs new. Another cable that would work well with the Aerials for a very reasonable price is either the Mapleshade Clearview Golden Helix (85$ 8' pr), or the Double Helix (280$). I have the Clearview Golden Helix in a second system and think that it out performs the Q10 in many respects.