Upgrade from Merlin VSM-M to What?

I have a wonderfull pair of Merlin VSM-M speakers, but I want fuller range. I have the balanced/single ended battery bam and it does extend the bass, but not as low as some other full range speakers. I have been lead to believe that my Karan KA-i180 integrated amp could sound even better with fuller range speakers. I don't want to spend a bundle of money. I just purchased a Pioneer 5060HD plasma and my budget for speakers are $1000.00 more then I will get for my VSM-M's. So my hope is for used speakers costing between $4,000.00 - $4,500.00. My thoughts are toward Dunlavy or Eggleston. Shipping these speakers must be taken into account. I do have sub woofers, but don't use them. They are Velodyne servo 1200's. My integrated does not have preamp outs and I think using the subs x-overs in the speaker line would harm the sound.
Dave, what were you conclusions regarding the ARS. I'm contemplating making a similar move to yours, although from CAT to ARS. What are you impressions? How did the "test" go?
Jeez, I forgot all about this thread!
Long story short, I sold the Joule equipment and bought the ARS Sonum Filarmonia. I couldn’t really hear that great of a difference between the Joule equipment and the ARS and, more importantly, I really like the idea of the simpler integrated amp approach. As mentioned before, there is that slight price difference… so the money that I saved I bought a turntable. There are so many roads in this fun hobby!
Thanks Dave. I'm going to give this ARS integrated a try. I know that Bobby knows his speakers inside out, and had this integrated developed/optimzed for the VSMs (not that it would not sound good with other speakers); is very promising indeed. As you say, there is the price difference, and one is tempted to think this $3,500 integrated unit could not possibly be as good (or real, real close) as my $20,000 seperates - but if my experience ends up being like yours, who would not want to save the money and own a much smaller, lighter, and less expensive to buy and maintain, alternative to the Joule/Atma/Berning/CAT combos that have long been used to make the Merlin's sing. I'm sure I'll have to wait a while to get them, but I'm very interested in the possibilities. I'm ready to be "schocked". Thanks for your comments.