Upgrade from Mapleshade Excalibur's?

Any my audiophile fellows upgrade or switch from Mapleshade Excalibur IC? These are awesome and I would buy them again - but so so fragile . Wondering if I could get the same quality sound for about the same price in a harder to break interconnect.
Reality Cables by Gregg Straley are quite sturdy, and when you get to hear your system through these IC's it will be an upgrade if your ears are like mine. Same goes for his speaker cables.

For those who don't mind a more delicate, but quite wonderful IC, there is always the handiwork of Audiogon member Joemazzaglia who is even more economical while still delivering great sound. His IC brand is Auricle Audio Design.
Both are excellent at revealing what your system can deliver.

Except for the fragile mad (as in genius) scientist home brew appearance, consider the Mapleshade Records Power Strip/Conditioner which would be more safely fixed in position, while accepting any robust power cable of your choice for connecting directly to each component. I have never damaged nor regretted my Mapleshade power cords -- they're really not that fragile.

Thanks listener! Ill look into your rec's. I also have mapleshade power and speaker cable - a bit more durable yes. Iv had the excalliburs for 5 years but just tore it when i was cleaning connections - now im living with morrow audio ma 1. Which are good for the price but not in the mapleshade leauge - that copper ribbon is thinner that generic aluminum foil!