Upgrade from Kimber D60?

I was looking for an upgrade from Kimber Kable's D60.
It seems lots of people saying that now D60 is obsolete, and many other cables which are less expensive or in same price range outperform D60.

So...I'm looking for suggestions.
I was searching for either new or used cables in price range of $150~$350,
and few candidates I've found are:

Stereovox VX2
Oyaide DR(DB)-510
Analysis Plus Digital Oval

Well...all above cables are actually cheaper than D60,
but I would be equally happy to spend more than I did on D60.

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You might want to consider a Pure Note Alluvion. It's very transparent and airy, yet not thin or glary. Very good dynamics and bass, too. I rolled a number of digital cables and it's my favorite. They're having a nice sale on them right now.
The most logical upgrade from the D60 is the Illuminati (kimber) Orchid cable.....still the Digital King IMHO.
Mooglie and Brf,
Thanks for your suggestions.
Brf / Orchid would be a good choice, but I have to stick with RCAs.
I have heard the Stereovox VX2 is a good cable, but I don't know where you can buy one. I did a search on the web and could find anyplace that stocked it.
Try this: (http://www.cs1.net/products/canare/LV-77S_digital_audio.htm)
the stereovox was designed by the creator of the illuminati orchid and is, as he put it, a revised version of the orchid and pretty much the most he could improve on it.