Upgrade from Genesis IM8200 speakers to ?

I have a pair of Genesis IM8200 speakers that have served me well. However, I'm wondering if someone else has owned the same speakers or a pair from the same series (e.g. IM8300) and moved on to something newer and better. If so what do you recommend I look at?

Other components in my hi-fi system: Teac CD player from reference 500 series. Benchmark DAC-1 acting as pre-amp. Bryston 14BST power amp.

More info on my hi-fi journey here: http://www.geocities.com/louco73/hi_fi/hi_fi.html

Any help and advice appreciated.
If you like the Genesis sound, consider a pair of Genesis V's, or 500's, or 501's.

My personal favorite is the V's, as these used a stout outboard amplifier for the woofers, unlike the onboard Class "D" plate amps of the later series.

I looked at your web page, you have done some traveling!

Best of luck with your upgrade plans.


Paul :-)
I still haven't managed to find something that stands out to upgrade to. However, I came across the Genesis 400 speakers (currently advertised here). The guy is in Singapore as I am, so I went there today and listened.

Unfortuneatly his place is not ideal and with his setup I couldn't connect my DAC-1 to test it (kids, fan noise, very cluttered with long cable runs).

There is hardly anything on the internet on the Genesis 400 speakers, so I was wondering if anyone has an opinion?

FYI, I auditioned the Thiel 2.4s recently at a store. They are definitely better than my IM8200s, but for the price, I'm not sure it's worth it.

That's my comparison now, Thiel 2.4s (US$3700) v Genesis 400 (US$1800). Opinions appreciated.