upgrade from Devore Nines

I am driving a pair of Devore Nines, with LFd integrated amp (50w), resolution audio cantata cd/dac in a 15×18 dedicated room.

I am contemplating the super nines.  Anyone completed this speaker upgrade?  I like Devore speakers (at least what I heard).

Any other upgrades from the Nines others have taken and been happy with?

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Thanks for the input grk.

The Super Nines are the last on my list of speakers I would like to hear before making my next speaker purchase (likely the Joseph Audio Perspectives), but unfortunately they are not a speaker most of us can audition.

I heard the Gibbon X with some of my music and with the fist stuff I heard I really liked it - it had that beutiful Devore tone and texture, but more refined/modern sounding than the O series. The last couple of tracks I played on the X weren’t as satisfying as I was expecting (some Talk Talk songs) - some bass bloat and the drums didn’t sound as real as through the 0/96. But much of what I heard was promising so it makes me intrigued by the Super Nines.
Though the Stereophile review of the Gibbon X which detected some leanness and a trough in the lower mids would have me a little worried (apparently an oddity in how the mids crossover to the lows).  I don't know if the Super Nine's would have the same issue, but it would seem a good hunch that they would share the same design choices.
Thanks again grk.
It's a real shame I can't hear the super nines before I purchase the Joseph speakers (which I love anyway).  I told my local Devore dealer to let me know if he ever gets a pair of Super 9s in to audition.   I auditioned the0/93 and 0/96 and ultimately liked the 0/96 better, but their width (and cost) create some issues in my room.  A slim version having similar attributes, like the super 9, could be just the ticket.  However, they are way too expensive to just buy without hearing them (in my case).
Out of curiosity, how close do you listen to them?  I found the O series to require at least 8 foot distance in order to sound their best - to sound coherent, focused, with "snap" and "air" (too close and they start to sound a bit unfocused and glazed over).   I know Devore recommends at least an 8 foot listener distance for the 0 series, presumably for this reason, and I've wondered if this is a consequence of the particular design of the O series, or if there is something about how John D designs al his speakers (e.g. crossovers/drivers etc), which necessitates that distance for them to cohere. 

I'm very familiar with the sound of the 0/93 (and 0/96) and they of course have that Big, Thick, Rich sound.  Do the Super Nines sound "thin" in comparison, or do they maintain a good sense of body to the sound as well?