Upgrade from Classe SSP 800 processor

Hey there,
I’ve been using the Classe SSP 800 in my dedicated home theater room for a while now and while its sound quality is spectacular I think it’s time for me to explore a new current processor that can decode new surround sound formats eg Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Auro 3D, etc.
Any suggestions?

My SSP 800 has been used strictly for surround sound (home theater) as I do have a separate dedicated stereo setup and system in a separate two-channel listening room. So that said, the new processor will also be used strictly for home theater (surrounds).

My current home theater gears are the following :
* Oppo UDP 205.
* Sony 4k OLED tv (85").
* Classe SSP 800.
* Classe Delta CAM-600 monoblock amps to power my front LR speakers.
* Classe Delta CAM-300 monoblock amp (single) to power my center speaker.
* Classe Delta CA-2300 five-channel amp to power my surrounds.
* B&W 800 D3 front speakers.
* B&W 800 HTML1 D3 center speaker.
* B&W 804 D3 & 805 D3 for surrounds.
*JL Audio Gotham subwoofer.
* 2 of Audioquest Niagara 7000 power product.

I am going to start working on remodeling my dedicated HT room in order to accommodate additional overhead speakers for Atmos setup. And when I get a new processor I will also need to get additional multi-channel amps to power additional speakers necessary.
I might get rid of my B&W 804 D3 & 805 D3 surround speakers and get the B&W 800 D3 in-wall or on-wall speakers for surrounds instead. 

Any ideas as to what new av preamp processor to get? The one that’s capable of decoding Dolby Atmos & DTS-X. But I'm keeping all the Classe Delta series power amps and will need additional multi-channel amps to power additional overhead speakers etc possibly another Classe amps. 

Thanks in advance guys.

Yes indeed the Bryston SP3 is really good when used as an analog stereo preamp in bypass mode for stereo music playbacks, actually a tad better than both the Classe SSP 800 or the Sigma SSP in this regard.

However, for surrounds or HT it lacks room correction. The Classe SSP 800 or the Sigma SSP also lack auto room correction software but at least Classe provides a manual PEQ (Parametrix EQ) eventhough it isn’t as effective as good room corrections such as Room Perfect, ARC, Dirac Live.
The Bryston SP3 does not even have a manual PEQ and does not support 4k, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X or Auro 3-D.
btw22 is looking for a processor that can support latest formats and codecs.
The SP4 supports the latest formats but it’s $15k. Not sure if btw22 is willing to drop $15k for a HT processor.

How old was your Classe SSP30? It must have been 15 to 20 yrs old?
I knew the fact that prior to the SSP 800 there was SSP600. I couldn’t recall about the SSP30 though.
The SSP 800 sounded night and day better than the SSP 600. They aren’t in the same league sonically.

I haven't had a chance to respond, but honestly I think that caphill summarized it perfectly; especially," Even when used for surround sound movies or HT the SSP 800 has more body and volume and is more balanced tonally than the Lyngdorf IMO but the Lyngdorf MP-50 sounded more exciting with better clarity, tad better details, resolution and better stirring of the surround sound than the SSP 800."  He's dead on.   

The MP-50 is a great surround sound processor and I really like the room correction.   However the SSP-800 is what I would call a processor that is really designed for music as well as movies.   I miss hearing the music scores from movies through the SSP(ie Lord of the Rings trilogy) that would really pull you in to the movie.    The more neutral sound of the MP-50 makes dialogue, etc more clearer, though, but the music through the SSP800 is very nice.

One note, I have found that changing power cords on the MP-50 changed the sonic character of it a bit. 

First that I'm hearing that Classe may make a high end processor again to replace the 800.   I'm interested to see what they come up with!

And I would add to the fact that the Lyngdorf does support those 3D object surround sound formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS-X & Auro-3D which the SSP 800 cannot. Especially if you have lots of movie content materials (newer bluray releases & all 4k UHD discs) that are formatted in Dolby Atmos or DTS-X and they will elevate the immersive surround sound experiences from movie watching to a whole new level, which brings a level of excitement to the next level. Even with those regular bluray discs that are DTS-HD MA or Dolby True-HD formats, you can do upmixing to fill in for Dolby Atmos & DTS-X. That’s the main reason I got rid of the SSP 800 and bought the Lyngdorf MP-50 in the first place cause I wanted Dolby Atmos, DTS-X & Auro-3D. I have added 4 overhead ceiling speakers for Atmos setup, so my new current setup now is 7.2.4. Plus the Lyngdorf has a really good Room Perfect room correction and when set up and calibrated correctly and properly I found it very effective and will get you to having better clarity, details, resolution and better immersive in surround sound setup.

But if you aren’t interested in 4k pass through, HDR, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X or Auro 3-D and not willing to add extra overhead ceiling speakers for Atmos setup I suggest that you keep your SSP 800. Frankly, I missed the performance and overall sonic quality of the SSP 800 especially when watching Bluray concerts and bluray/4k UHD bluray musical films. In these regards IMO the SSP 800 is better. The Lyngdorf is somewhat leaner sounding and is somewhat on the bright side and sterile sounding and can be fatiguing at times in my own setup and system. I’m sure it would probably sound different in different setups and systems. The SSP 800 is way more musical than the Lyngdorf MP-50. 
I’m using a very high end power cord for the Lyngdorf, it is the Shunyata Research Sigma power cord it is the same power cord that I used for the SSP 800. I have all Shunyata Sigma power cables for all my power amps, Oppo 205 & subs in my dedicated home theater room.

Yes, rshad0000 was correct. Classe will release an ultra high end HT processor to replace the SSP 800 in 2020, but it will be very expensive and it’s expected to be a cost-no-object design gear. I’ve heard from the insider within Classe HQ that it will be expected to be priced around $18k and up to $20k ish. And it will be more polished than the SSP 800 or the Sigma SSP. It will be equipped with a top notch auto room correction calibration, don’t know what it’s going to be at this point and it’s supposed to excel in both stereo music and surroounds for movies and will be significantly better than the SSP 800. It will be a major step up sonically from the SSP 800 and this will crush the Lyngdorf MP-50 and most other high end processors. Today Classe is under new ownership (Sound United) and they will decide to equip Classe’s future HT processors with a top notch auto room correction calibration.

Right now I might want to sell or trade in my Lyngdorf MP-50 for the Datasat RS20i, which is supposed to be way better than the Lyngdorf but it’s at different price point than the Lyngdorf. It’s around $23k.
I’m also considering the Trinnov Altitude & the new Bryston SP4, which are supposed to be very good. Will see.
Or I might just live with the Lyngdorf MP-50 and wait until Classe launches a new replacement for the SSP 800 in 2020, which will crush the Lyngdorf and most other high end processors.

Thank you so much to you both for a very thorough response. It’s been a big help. As much as I would like to have Atmos, I really don’t have the space and I’m pretty satisfied with 5.1 audio surround with my Classe for now. I would have to move my layout around a bit just to accommodate the extra 2ch amp, and the extra overhead speakers. I know what you both mean about that Classe “musicality”, and last thing I wanna do is compromise my 2ch.

I’m guessing I’ll stick to the classe for now till my options change. I’m fairly confident that you’re both correct in your findings regarding the Lyngdorf with 2ch, which is too bad because any processor over $10k retail is just overkill for my NYC apt. 

Surely the Classe had great synergy with your Delta amps and B&W speakers. I myself have Dali Euphonias/5ch Simaudio Titan amp combo for more than 10 years now and it sounds wonderful. Can’t imagine a better combo without spending twice as much.

Thanks again to you both...
Happy Listening...
Looks like the Bryson SP4 might be the best of both worlds but that $14K price tag is hard to justify.