Upgrade from Cayin TA-30?

Wondering if any of you ex ta-30 owners can give me some insight on what you have gone to and how you liked it better, or if you haven't. I am ready for a change, so I would like to find something that isn't just a little better, I want something in an integrated that is a lot better. SS or tube or hybrid, just let me know how it was better and why, much appreciated! Price is a consideration, so anything under 2000$

What speakers are you using? I've owned several different amps since the Cayins (I believe I was the previous owner of yours, right?) but all of the amps had lower power.

If you have high efficiency speakers, it really opens you up to some great sounding and affordable amps.

I currently own an Ultra-Fi Compact Custom 2A3 SET that is fantastic @ the $1000 price. I also own a Red Wine Audio Reali-T digital integrated amp/DAC that may even be a bigger bargain.

Unfortunately neither of these is readily available on the used market.

BTW, where do you live? You should try to get together with some locals via the "club" section here. Lots of good stuff to hear in real systems without a dealer breathing on your wallet (no offense to dealers, everyone has to make a living somehow).


I'm still on my TAD modified ta-30 for going on the third year. I have rolled a few integrated and power amps through just for fun (Sansui au717, Pioneer 980, Bedini 25/25, Denon 2000, also four others I would rather not say as the mfr are a current model) and also compared it to several outside amps in a side be side competition. I still go back to the TA unit and love it. Sorry I can't recommend better, but after tweaking tubes and cords on the TA it just sings and has yet to be replaced permanently. I'm running it through some custom Dynaudio speakers and sometimes Altec 604's. The tubes are RCA 12au7a side getter, GE jan 5751, and EI 6ca7 (an el34 fat bottle type)

The only amp I have had approach it is a SS Musical Design d-150 power amp, a very nice amp. Very similar soundprint, but the ta-30 seems to better it slightly in the area of depth and dimension- while the 150 has a bit more power for higher spl or tougher speaker load, neither of which are huge concerns in my system.

When you find better for the money or otherwise, please let me know


How ya doin!? Yes you are the one I got my amp from. I am currently using Meadowlark Kestral 2's which are fairly effeciant. I am looking to change the speakers also, probably to some highly effeciant one's. Reubent, what do you think of the Red Wine signature 30, I have heard really good things?
I suggest you stay with cayin, maybe look for a used 88, as there may be some on the market soon, with Cayin comming out with a new A100.

If you are seriously considering a move to higher efficiency speakers, you can get an outstanding low powered amp for not a lot of money. I've owned a stock and a modified Cayin TA-30 and many, many other amps. The Cayin TA-30 is very good and offers great value. It is musical but lacks a bit in resolution.

I have not heard the Red Wine Signature 30, but I do own a Red Wine Audio Reali-T. It is outstanding at it's pricepoint. Heck, if you plan to buy more efficient speakers you might just want to buy a Red Wine Audio Clari-T for about $300-375 and try it. My Reali-T is just a Clari-T amp with a Scott Nixon DacKit and multi-function input switcher installed in the same chassis.