Upgrade from C320BEE for maggie

Hello All,

I've a C320BEE driving my MMGs (look up my system). I feel that MMG could use more power ... so can fellow MMG users suggest what cheap integrated will do the job. My room is pretty small, and I'd want to avoid the pre/power route for want to cash. I am looking for something cheap , somewhere in the range of $600.

I have a friend that is using a B&K PT3 preamp/tuner with a B&K 2140 amp to drive his MMG's. And it sounds very nice. Plenty of power (140 watts) and a tuner too. I bought both of them, for a second system, on here. I believe I payed about $300 each. About 2 years ago.
If you like the combination between NAD and Magnepan, why not add a C270 or C272 and use the integrated as a Preamp? It might be the best way to upgrade towards even better sound, as you can replace the 320BEE with a better preamp.
As I recall, the C320BEE has a preamp output, so you could be shopping around for a (used) NAD poweramp.
Not sure about the MMGs but I my listening room is similar dimensions (12 X 11). For the past year I have been very happy with the sound from the Roksan Kandy III. It's rated at 115 watts and has many useful features including remote control, pre outs, headphone out and phono section. In your price range used. Good luck.
For 699.00 you can add NAD's most powerful amp and give the Maggies the juice they need to really blossom. I also used an NAD with a Hafler 9505 power amp with great results. The Hafler power amps can be had for around 600.00 used (I paid 595.00 used for one in perfect condition). If you get a hafler do not get a P series just the 9505 or 9500. My 9505 gives me 250 watts into 8 ohms and 375 watts into 4 ohms. It's a bit much but better too much than too little. I was using this setup with Magnepan MG12's (and MMG's before that). I must admit that I've had it with planar speakers and have gone back to dynamics for life.