Upgrade from C-J MF2100 to MF2250?

I currently have a conrad-johnson PV-14L tube preamp and an MF-2100 solid state amplifier.

Someone recently suggested that I would notice a huge improvement by swapping the MF-2100 for the newer MF-2250 or better yet, the newest MF-2250A.

Has anyone had an opportunity to compare these two amps or already made this move?
I can not comment directly on your question concerning the 2100 to 2250. But I did experience upgrading from the 2500 to 2500A and it was a substantial upgrade. I would expect you would experience the same thing assuming the rest of your system is of a high enough calibre to resolve the difference. The "A" mod made the amp more detailed with cleaner transitions especially noticable in the mid to high frequencies. The unit did require about 50 hours of break-in after the upgrade. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Chuck
I agree with Czbbcl. Get hold of a 2500A and don't look back!
While the MF2100 is a nice small amplifier, your preamp can handle and warrants a better power amp. For a few years past I had the PV-10 with an MF2100. It was a good match.