Upgrade from bryston to ML 333 or Pass x250 ?

I recently upgraded my speakers to Dunlavy SC-IVa and is now considering upgrading the amp as well. What would be the improvements from the Bryston to the Mark Levinson 333 or the Pass x250 ? Which of the two would be a better match for the DALs ? My pre amp is a Aragon Soundstage (upgraded) and my cd player is an Anthem CD-1. I listen to R&B, Jazz, Reggae and some rap. Also use the system for HT. Down the road I intend to upgrade/modify the CD-1 or get a different player all together.

Thanks in advance for you assistance.
I have not compared your system and set-up. but my comparisons of pass labs equipment and levinson equipment went as follows. The pass labs equipment x-150 has the same sonic signature all the way up to the x-350. the x-600 monoblocks had a slightly deeper and wider soundstage and quieter backgrounds. i also auditioned the x-2 through the x-0. the x-1 and x-2 were closer than the x-1 and x-0. the x-0 was so much more of the same. the pass lab equipment is tube like sound without the limitations of tube gear. i have yet to hear the perfect tubes for my thiels. the thiels and the pass labs were a match made in heaven.

all the levison equipment i've auditioned sounds more musical and woody... The soundstage has not been as 3 dimentional. but the levinson is more detailed in their top of the line equipment.

my equipment is
Sony SACD-1.
Thiel 2.3's.
Pass Labs x-350
Pass Labs x-1 (needed more outputs)than the x-2 had
Harmonic tech Pro-9's, Pro-Silway II's
Jon Risch DIY accoustic Panels and bass traps