upgrade from beresford DAC TC 7520 mod with LM4562

I'm looking for advice..
I want to upgrade my DAC beresford 7520 to somethng better for up to $1000. I'm using it for streeming from Sqeezebox only. I'm not planning to streem from USB/computer.
So far, W4sound DAC 1 and Eastern Electric are considered.
Did anybody compared them?
Any other ideas?
My apm is Virue audio Sensation M901, speakers Fritz speaker carbon t 601. IC - Morrow audio ma4, digital from SB to DAC - morrow audio dig3.
Any advice will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.
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I chose the DECWARE ZDAC1. It carries the flagship Cirrus Logic chip and is sold for the ridiculous price of $875. It is quite good, read the website decware.com and my review here on Audiogon.
You created a lot of buzz in forums, being the sole supporter of it. If the product is tjat good he must send it for reviews.$875 is a lot of money,$140- restocking + s&h is not cheap for audition. I will wait for more reviews..