Upgrade from B&K Ref 50

I'm looking at upgrading from my B&K Ref 50. So far I've been pulling toward Rotel RSP-1572 and would like input from the knowledgeable crew here on A-Gon. Currently I have actually stepped down to a 5.2 system, however, I'll most likely be going back to 7.2 in the near future. The main application or use for this is playing movies via 4k player or gaming/streaming via PS4.
I have used NAD in my HT rig for the best part of 7 years now and could not be more pleased.  I am currently using an NAD T175HD pre/pro.  The newer T187, as well as the NAD M15HD2 , is now available or for upgrade with the new 4K, HDMI 2.0b(VM300) modules as well as Atmos module(AM230).


Spearit Sound often has these for sale refurbished at considerable savings.