Upgrade from AZ Mc2 digital to ????

I am presently using a Acoustic Zen Mc2 cable from my transport to my dac. I like the Mc2 cable very much as it is neutral and very open. I was just wondering if anybody has upgraded and found a better digital coax cable to use.
The Stealth Varidig Sextet.
The Stealth Varidig Sextet.....$3200...Wow is that correct?

Have you heard the Mc2??....I would certainly expect a improvement if the cost is correct...but that doesn't deter me as I could probably find a used cable for much less.....thanks.
Call John Pharo at The Cable Company and ask him to send you one to try. A long time ago I auditioned the MC2, the Kimber D-60 and the Stereovox HDXV. As John told me when I asked about the difference, he said that the MC2 was 'musical' and the other two (both by Chris S.) were 'transparent'.

I've gone through other digital cables since that I liked better since those days, but the Stealth Varidig Sextet ( $3,200.00 for XLR, $2,400.00 for RCA ) is, in one simple word: 'special'.

There is a rightness, a natural something about it that when you take it out and put your old cable back in, it just isn't right any more.

And yes, you can find them on Audiogon used at reasonable prices.

I upgraded from Acoustic Zen Silver Byte, which is basically the same as MC2, to a Virtual Dynamics Master and the difference was unbelievable.
I don't know how sensitive your DAC is to digital cable changes, so YMMV. But do check Virtual Dynamics site once in a while they have sales. Or pick one up used here. It will be a big step up. I now use Master 3.0 and it is excellent.
Consider the HT Cyberlight digital. I also liked the Sextet very much, but with the latest battery pack the HT is in the same league and considerably cheaper. The Tara 'One' is also quite nice if you favor a warmer fuller sound.
You might want to try a Kimber Orchid AES/EBU.