Upgrade from Audioquest which is good?

I currently have audioquest type 8 biwire spade cables about 2M for a pair of speaker cables hooked up to my B&W CM1 and Rotel 1520 cd player and rotel 1520 amp. For stereo I want to change the cables because of my new apt they are too short any other brands recommended to try that would pair good without breaking an arm and leg something comparable in price to audioquest type 8 is ok. Suggestions PLEASE from newbie!!!
Do you know what length you need your new cables?

And what is the price range of the Type8's that you have?
I just went further up the Audioquest line when I upgraded. I now use Homegrown Audio (X-32 / DNA) and like them very much but they are not what I would call inexpensive.

I don't know the price of audioquest type 8's. But DH Labs makes some nice sounding, affordable cables. I have a pair of their T-14 speaker cables that I'm using in a fairly high end system.
They can be like 2.5M or 3M length either will work currently I have 2M and my friend referred me Nordost Blue Heaven which costs like 3M 5300 hkd I can negotiate a bit I think this is the original one...
One of the top cable designers is WireWorld. I know him personally going back > 35 years, when he was spooling his own wire

He has just come out with an 8 series. He recommended his entry level 7 series to me prior to the 8 series,. I am seeing a fair amount of 7 series available on AG