Upgrade from Audion Phono - please advice

I have Audion Phono stage which is just fine. Having recently upgraded to Raven One TT + Triplanar + Transfiguration Phoenix MC + (rare!) Fidelity Research AGT-5x step up, I feel phono stage becomes "weak link" in my setup, that became obvious after getting Supravox Alizee loudspeakers (full range alnico driver in TQWT design) and having compared it to recently bought Electrocompaniet EMC 1UP (which actually brought cd playback on competely new level). The rest of equipment is Audion Pre and Silver Night 300B SE.

I have 2 options - upgrade Audion Phono and change to a new one. Upgrade roughly is about 700 USD (V-Caps main cost), and might not work on resell time..

If I change Audion - to what? Both new and used phono stages advices are welcome!
TRON Seven phono.

Both the US (Highwater Sound, NYC) and UK distributors of TW use TRON amps and phono stages.