Upgrade from AQ King Cobra to Columbia DBS

I'm currently connecting my Jolida Fusion Pre to my BEL 1001 MK5 using AQ King Cobra, 2M. Would it be worth while to upgrade to AQ columbia with DBS, buying used? Thanks in advance for opinions.
I agree. Should be a very nice upgrade. I have a couple pairs of Columbia.

I'm just curious, is BEL still in business? The 1001 is a great amp. A few years back, I almost bought a pair. I don't see them anywhere. It seems like they just disappeared.
Thanks Bo.

Zd542, Mr Brown passed away in 2009. There is a company that services the BEL 1001, Audio Summa. My Mk5 was manufactured in 2007. Bought from a dealer used. Love this amp, probably the best piece in my rack. I have enjoyed your posts elsewhere. Thanks
Seems there are 2 versions of the columbia. 48 and 72 DBS. Any comments regarding the amount of 'charge' to the shield?
You need to go for the 72v version. This version is already a few years on the market. The newer versions are more dynamic.
Much Thanks! Bo and Zd.

what does one gain between the different V factors?
Want to thank Bo and Zd as I bought my first pair of Columbia. Looking for another.
Always nice to know that there are people happy with my thoughts. Some people don't like me because they think that I bash there beloved audio stuff. Being critical is something else than bashing. I am also critical to the stuff I own myself.
Don't be so hard on yourself Bo. I don't know anyone that doesn't like your thoughts. Maybe your words, but definitely not your thoughts! It is that simple!!

"what does one gain between the different V factors?"

A headache. Just enjoy the cables and don't worry about it.
Bought my second pair of Columbia. Run .5 m pair between DAC and Pre, and 1M pair from Pre to Amp. Thanks Bo and Zd.
@Mesch, could you talk a bit about how the Columbia improved you music over the KC. I demoed a new pair of Columbia a couple of weeks ago. I had it my system for 7 days so it had settled in and I got a decent handle on its sound. I did like it. It was detailed, quiet dynamic and smooth. In my system I need a bit more fullness/weight in the mids.

I'm trying to figure out if I should try the Yukon just below the Columbia and save some cash or try the Colorados. Thanks for any thoughts.
Samac, I just bought the 1M pair and have not yet received them. I will get back to you once I have listened to them. I went for the Columbia for they were the 1st in the DBS line, just above the KCs. At used prices, my cable outlay between pre and amp represents ~10% of my cost of both active components. Right or wrong, this is what I shoot for. I am not familiar with the Yukon.
Thanks, Mesch. I look forward to reading your impressions. I have different speakers now and I may demo the Columbias again. They are smooth and lively and might work better with the speakers I a using now.
Received and placed the Columbia cables into my system. I did not care to A-B then against the KCs, simply replaced and sold them. The result seems to be better imaging within soundstage and more 'air' around upper midrange/treble notes. I am happy. This represents the last piece to be exchanged in my system which took 3+ years to put together. Thanks all!
They are better in every single part compared to the KC's. Time for them to improve there cables.....
Thanks for the update, Mesch. It's great when a system comes together. Enjoy!