Upgrade from Accustic Arts MK3 to Crimson?

I'm dedicated to a hard drive based transport. This is a dedicated headphone rig
1. Redwine Mod Olive Musica
2. Genesis Lens
3. Accustic Arts MK3 Dac
4. SinglePower Supra Amp (tube)
5. Sony Qualia 010 headphones
6. PS Audio P500 Power Plant
7. Stealth Sextet and MetaCarbon cables

I’m considering an upgrade to a Mac notebook, Wavelength Crimson combination. I’m looking for more detail, less congested highs and less sibilance.

I assume what I hear going on in the highs is due to jitter from the Musica/Lens that the Accustic Arts Dac can’t handle.

Am I going in the right direction with the Wavelength Crimson?
i made the same upgrade (with an intermediate stop at the Wavelength Cosecant). i predict that you will be VERY happy with the Crimson. I found it more resolving and much less digital glare than the AA Mk 3. Add to the the convenience factor of a HDD transport and it's a vastly superior choice.
Jeffreybowman2K, where you happy with the initial Cosecant upgrade? I'm also considering the Cosecant for obvious budget reasons.
the Cosecant was fantastic, and I was very happy with it for a while. it was noticeably better than the AA Mk3. the Cosecant's limitation is its weight/bass. The Crimson is a big step up in that category, which is why I upgraded to it.