Upgrade from Accuphase AC-2 MC cartridge

Hi guys

My faithful Accuphase AC-2 cartridge finally lost it's diamond yesterday and i'm wondering whether to retip or buy a new cartridge.

I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the sounds of this cart enough to recommend something better. I was also thinking of a Denon DL-S1. I don't intend to buy new either.


Dear Richard: I like the AC-2 sound certainly are different sound cartridges, I can't say better but different.

If you like the AC-2 signature stay with and send to retip. The DL-S1 has different sound than the Accuphase, I prefer the Denon, this cartridge is very low output ( lower than Accuphase ) so needs the right phonolinepreamp.

Regards and enjoy the music.