Upgrade from a Spacedeck to Hyperspace or Dais ?

Would be interested to hear the impressions of those who have moved up the Nottingham ladder and whether you feel the additional lightening of your bank account yielded satisfactory sonic improvements.
Hi Randy

I upgraded from a Spacedeck to a Dais a couple of momths ago and am delighted with the results.

Impossible to justify financially, of course, but it does sound wonderful. I'm not very good at hi-fi-speak, so I'll just describe it as "more".

I'm using a Lyra Helikon, and listen to just about everything...
I have a Hyperspace. It is fabulous. I have been told the Dais is better. I am guessing a Hyperspace w. a great suspension (Vibraplane etc.) will be better than a Dais. Don't get the heavy kit though. The Hyperspace is considered world class by many. At its price point it is IMO the best value in a turntable.