Upgrade from a Cary SLI-80 integrated amp

I will appreciate opinions of those who upgraded from a Cary SLI-80 integrated amp to another amp (not necessarily more expensive) and is more satisfied? Any comparisons?
This is the opposite of your question but I down-graded to the Cary SLI-80F1 and I am more satisfied .......
Wired to triode mode? Jensen PIO caps?
My main system for some time now has been all Atma-Sphere(MP-1, MA-1's) and I'm extremely happy with the sound.

The heart of my second system is the SLI-80 F1, all-triode, direct coupled version. It came with EL34's which to my ears sounded thick, slow, and rolled off at the extremes. I immediately replaced them with Black Treasure KT88's which made a tremendous improvement; think night and day!

I also replaced the Sovtek 6922's(which suck), the 6SN7's, and 5U4 rectifiers with NOS and again huge improvements across the board. Long story short, while the SLI-80 F1 is still somewhat outclassed by the 8 times more expensive Atma-Sphere gear, I can listen to it for hours enjoying every minute. I think it's a fabulous sounding integrated and can't think of anything I'd want to replace it with!
Rfohe18 since you like the BT KT88s you might want to try their 6sn7s , have them in my Modwright LS100 , wonderful sounding to my ears and agree with you on the KT88s put them in my Ayon Spirit , big improvement
You may want to try 5AR4's in place of the 5U4's .... Easier start up for the amp and I felt they improved the amp's transparency....

Re 5AR4 vs. 5U4: are they electrically similar?
The 5AR4 are indirectly heated and provide a smooth (slower ramp of current) start up of the amp. I have also been told that they present a lower impedance to the power supply and therefore provide better dynamics. I use them and felt they improved the transparency of the amp. I was also told that there is no need to spend big dollars here on NOS tubes, but to each his own, instead go with a pair of the lesser cost current production manufacturers. Certainly worth a try IMO.

And I agree with the above poster that NOS tubes make a noticeable improvement.

I am now listening to it with EI 6CA7 tubes; sounds interesting - very detailed and focused, but with small soundstage, the sound is inside the speakers (currently Silverline Sonata-III). Will try to install vintage GEC KT88 and play with speaker cables.
I am using NOS TS 6550s in my SLI-80 F1. Are KT88s preferable?

My current tubes, all NOS, are 4 TS 6550s, 2 RCA 6SN7/VT231 gray glass, 2 Mullard GZ34s and 2 Amperex 6992s.

I would like to get a bit more bass out of the amp given that I am using it with a pair of Nola Boxers. Any suggestions?
The KT88 will give you more bass when compared to your TS 6550, but you might be giving up other sonic benefits of the TS 6550.

In addition, the ultralinear setting will also give you more bass compared to the triode setting.
Dminches, do you have a way to test your NOS TS6550's? I don't want to alarm you but those old Tungsol's, in good condition, are quite rare. I ran across 8 of them quite some time ago and was looking forward to hearing them in a pair of CJ's I used to own.

Initial listening was rather disappointing, with sluggish dynamics, rolled off highs and wimpy bass. Testing on my Hickock revealed they were on their last leg but fortunately I was able to return them.

I've been told those tubes are among the best of the 6550/KT88 types ever made so would think you'd get reasonably good bass.
Rfogel8, I tested the quad with my B&K 550 tester and they all tested very strong. I don't think the tubes are the issue. I think I need to get used to the Nola Boxers sound signature. I am used to listening to Vandersteen 5As so my ears need to adjust. I just wanted to hear what others have been using in the Cary. Thanks.
Dminches, glad to hear your T-S's are in good shape. I didn't want to cause you concern but there are a lot of so-called NOS tubes floating around, especially on Ebay, that are on their last leg.

I too use Mullard rectifiers and like them a lot. Not as familiar with the Amperex 6922's but am sure they're a big improvement over the Sovteks.

I own dozens of NOS 6SN7's including the RCA VT-231 gray glass. They're very nice in some applications but tend to sound a bit soft at the extremes. You might want to try a couple Sylvania GTB chrome tops. To my ears, they sound cleaner and a bit more robust than most of the RCA's and they're fairly cheap and readily available.

Two other sleepers I'd highly recommend are the GE 6SN7 GTB "wafer bottom" and the GE 6SN7 GTA. I've used both of them in my Atma-Sphere gear and Modwright/Sony 5400 and they both sound wonderful; especially the "wafer bottom"!

I second the GE 6SN7 GTB/GTA tubes. Perhaps they are not best in terms of clarity but they are musical and remarcably good with the Cary amp.
They're also very good in my Atma-Sphere gear.