upgrade from 803N's

I have 5 803N's in an ITU configuration. I was thinking about upgrading the front 3 speakers to 802's, although they are pretty "big" speakers.

Would would people recommend? Should I go for 802N's, 802D's, or possibly Revel Salon or Studio 2's? The Salon's are perhaps more than I want to spend, I wonder which would get me the biggest upgrade bang for my buck? Would 802's in front combine well with 803 surrounds? Would Revel front and 803 surrounds be a good combo?
Hopefully Kal will chime in here. My first thought is to stick to B&W so you maintain the same midrange tonality throughout.
I auditioned the 803 before I purchased the 802's. There is a big jump in midrange clarity with the separate Marlan head for the mid driver. The larger cabinet volume adds more weight to the bass. I love the looks of the 802 and they will blend better with your 803's.

A friend of mine has 802's in frt and 804's as rear channels in his system and it sounds reasonably coherent for a multichannel system. I am a 2 channel type person so I can't comment further as to the multichannel attributes. I do think you would find the 802 a significant improvement on the 803.