Upgrade for Thiel2.3 driver

I recently cooked one of the mid/tweeters in my 2.3's and had a friend of mine who is in the audio biz order me a replacement.He took it upon his own to order the upgrade kit for both speakers, for me at a ridiculously cheap price.No Problem. My questions are....1-How much of an improvement did it make? and 2- He tells me there are some modifications to the speaker that need to be made.Has anyone done this upgrade and what is involved.I feel I can perform the work as I am in the electronics business and he tells me there detailed instructions anyway.I am just curious.Thanks for the replies.
It is a fairly simple procedure of soldering one wire. Thiel should supply the silver solder. The new tweeter should make a big improvement taming down the harshness of the orignal 2.3 tweeters.
You must of had an older upgrade.I just finished my upgrade/mod and I had to remove two components from the crossover and solder new ones on,along with replacing the driver itself.It was a bear of a project but well worth it.I suggest that anyone with these speakers seriously consider this upgrade.It made a heck of a difference to me.If anyone would like to see the instructions to the mod,I have scanned them in and can mail them to anyone who wishes to see what is involved before tackling this task.Thanks for the reply Mm23red.Happy listening!!!!