Upgrade for Snell E/III speakers

Did anybody try to upgrade the Snell E/III speakers (internal wiring, binding posts, caps, etc.)? If so, what were the results?

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I changed the stock wiring in my J/IV's to Kimber 4TC using 3, not 4 of the wires. This seemed to make an improvement. Also, connected the both low/high spk. wires into one set of binding posts. Sounds good to me. On my E/III's I don't plan to play around w/them. The binding posts would be the first I would change on them (Cardas). This should be a really easy project if they are wired anything like the J/IV's. The two biggest improvements I made w/my E/III's were (1) Kora Explorer Si-90 int. amp w/telefunkens replacement tubes (2) Cardas quadlink 5 c spk. wire. The stock spades @ the spk. end I cut off and connected bare wire. Noticeable improvement. If your E/III's are not sounding superb, perhaps you need to change some components of your system. Bill

As for other components, I use Cary SLI-80 integrated amp furnished with Tung-Sol 6550 tubes, GE, Sylvania or KenRad 6SN7 tubes, Telefunken 6DJ8 tubes and RCA 5U4 rectifiers.

Speaker cables are Acoustic Zen Satori. Cardas "cross" speaker cable also sounded superb (much better than my old Esoteric Audio Interpath) before I purchased Acoustic Zen which is more neutral than Cardas, though I did not compare them.

I alternate the Snells with the Italian Concentus Lyra speakers which are much better than Snells when I listen to jazz. Snells are easier on the ear and have much better highs than Lyras.
It seems that Snells sound better when placed against the wall (better bass).

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Go to the Audio Note UK website and find their speaker section and you'll find a detailed discussion of what they put in their speakers. Their speakers are improved versions of the old Snell J/K/E speakers. Hand matched components, imroved caps/resistors, pure silver wire, cabinet damping; that sort of thing.