Upgrade for Pass INT-150

I am receiving a nice tax return back and am considering selling my Pass INT-150 for maybe the XA100.5 monos.

Anyone compare these two? My speakers are Coincident super eclipses......like Rock and female vocals. Would consider running my DAC direct to amp.
Arbuckle, your Pass INT-150 is a great sounding intergrated amp, but it would be unfair to compare its sonic performance to any of the XA.5 series amps which are on a quite higher qualitative sonic level then the X or X.5 series. I hope your tax return is indeed a very big one, the XA-100.5's retail for $16000.00 a pair. I believe that your speakers are a relatively easy to drive, so you could try the XA-30.5 which sounds terrific and would be a pretty vast improvement over your INT-150.
I agree with Teajay. Either the XA-30.5 or XA-60.5 would be more than adequate on the Coincident Super Eclipse speakers.

The XA-100.5 would be overkill.
Thanks for the responses, let me investigate.
I agree with the above and would only add that you should seriously reduce the withholding level on your W-4 :)
I've had many Pass amps and preamps. The current XA.5 is the best they've made. Don't discount the advantage of the mono block XA60.5 over the XA30.5. My old Aleph 2 monos were a big step up from the Aleph 5 stereo. I would listen to your DAC directly into the amp before deciding you can live without a preamp. Matching here is critical and I've always preferred balanced with Pass. The new XP line of preamps is amazing and I would consider the XP-10/XA30.5 over the XA60.5/DAC combo for similar money, if your speakers are efficient enough. My 87dB 6ohm speakers need the XA100.5 in my smallish room. You could try contacting Kent at Pass. He's great about answering questions about amp/speaker matching. Mark at RENO HIFI offers in home trials and often has demos for sale.

I haven't heard the INT-150, but I did upgrade from the X250.5 to the XA-100.5 monos. I agree with Peter. At least in my case, the mono amplifiers provided nice improvements in imaging and soundstage depth over the stereo amplifier. The XA series is smoother, warmer, pulls out more low level detail and has better low end control compared to the X250.5.

If you find you do need a preamp for impedance matching purposes, but don't need extra gain and don't want to lay out the bucks for an XP-10, don't discount the Pass B1 buffer. It sounds quite good with the XA series amps, it is extremely quiet, although with a very lively, somewhat forward presentation.