upgrade for p-1a/p-3a/monolitic

i'am using a cambridge cd6 with my perpetual gear.
krell kma mark 2 mono blocks,rogue 99 pre,vandy 2 sigs.
gortz speaker cables,cardas golden interconects,harmonic
copper digital.I am having great results but i was thinking
maybe i could to better with a better transport.
thanks in advance geo.
Welcome Georgeo. I would definately upgrade the CD player. I'm also looking (down the road) for that type of upgrade for my p1a/p3a combo. Try these Audiogon threads out for size -- they give some nice perspectives on "best" cd player or transport.





A transport with I2S output like the Audio Alchemy pro. and then running the P1/P3 in I2S direct mode creates a nice improvement. Also, running the Monolithic and the transport through a PS Audio power plant set to 75 or 81 creates another major sonic improvement. Camelot I2S cables between the P1 and P3 work great.