Upgrade for Mark Levinson 336 Amps

I just wanted to set the record straight:

My Question:
What upgrades are available for the Mark Levinson 336 amp?
Madrigal's Answer:
We didn't offer any upgrades for the No334, No335 or No336.

My Question:
I thought there was an upgrade available to the output capacitors. Later models had this from the factory, with an optional cost retrofit available for earlier models.
Madrigal's Answer:
This wasn't the case at all. Any 300 series amplifiers received with faulty caps were replaced with caps that restored the amplifiers to their original operating condition - that's it. We don't offer an upgrade of the caps.

So do not believe all that hype about Mark Levinson No.336 Power Amps having the "latest upgrades". Apparently what these amps actually had was a warranty repair. The price should reflect this, not a so-called "upgrade".
As I recall, there was a problem with the original capacitors, in that they failed at an unusally high rate, so there was a change in later manufactured models. When the problem arose in the earlier manufactured models, they were replaced with the capacitors used in the later runs. I had a similar conversation with Madrigal when I owned a Levinson in the 300 series.
Mine BLEW TWICE. Sent it back and forth from CA to CT. Pain. They paid second time both ways.
I also had to get mine changed, it's been fine since then.