Upgrade for Linn Classik


I am currently very happy with my the one-box solution of the Linn Classik. Although I feel that it matches well with Linn Tukan speakers that I am currently using, I am looking to upgrade and am unsure what to do next. Let me be upfront with my preference for PRaT that tends to be Linn's speciality.

I have thought about buying new speakers (perhaps Ninkas, Dynaudios or B&W, but only because I have actually heard these) but seeing how that would cost as much as buying an extra amplifier (or two) I have not ruled out this option. The advantage of the latter route is that I could possible Aktivate my Tukans, although I am not sure of how well the Classik's pre-outs would handle this.

I would appreciate any comments from people who have experience with Linn systems/the Classik/any of the above speakers.

I would keep the Classik and upgrade the Tukans. You'll get more improvement for less money. The Classik is a great piece of equipment and you have to spend a lot of money to improve its performance. The Tukans are nice little speakers, but not as good at their task as the Classik is at its task(s). If you stay with Linn the upgrade path is clear, and I think that is a valuable thing, too. I would go to Ninkas, at least, and then probably to an active pair of (or 3) LK140's, then to a Wakonda or a used Kairn (which are really cheap used) before finally replacing the Classik as a CD player (and I would be in no hurry to that). That's a system that gets a lot better fast and then gets fantastic with more power and then near-sublime. Have fun.
The Classik/Tukan is a very balanced match - any change would trigger a chain-reaction of further upgrades. If you go active many would advise you to go with a better pre, and certainly a better source - and that is after you have already spent 2K+ on amps and active cards. Suddenly, instead of astonishing performance in a simple package as with the classik/tukan, you now have numerous boxes and cables, and you've spent almost 10K. The improvement would be noticable, but small relative to the expense. You are at the critical point of being in control of your habit and becoming an addict. Myself? I am an addict!
An option to te Nikas is the Keilidh. There are a couple for sale on Audiogon, and this is a nice step up from the Tukan. They can eventually be aktivated as well. You may also wnat to be on the lookout for LK100 amps. Thye don't give up much to the LK140's and are likely a mor einexpensive way to get started down (up?) the upgrade road. Still...i must empathize w/ the previous post. Once you start..you never end. I sold my Linn Kairn, LK100 (pair), Numerik, Karik to go into vacuum tubes...and I am still "tweaking"....
I recently helped a friend buy a new Classik and then paired it with Meadowlark Kestrel Hotrods. It's a very sweet combination, very easy to place in a medium-small room and at a total price of $2,000 ($1,100 new for the Classik and $900 used for the Kestrels) embarassingly close in performance to my McCormack/Proac set-up.
Linn Classik is very sensitive to AC power cord,I built my own power cord for the Classik with excellent result.
I am setting up a system with the newest version of the Classik (the "K" version). The speakers will be Acoustic Energy AE-1 Series II ($2400) with custom Sound Anchor stands ($300). I am biwiring the speakers with two sets of custom Cardas Crosslink speaker cables, terminated with Audioquest BFA plugs (a BIG improvment over the Linn-supplied Deltron BFA's) on the amplifier ends, and bananas on the speaker ends ($300).

If you want to spend more on the speakers, there is a "signature" version of the AE-1 that retails for $4400 per pair.

Both versions of the AE-1 are the very best "bookshelf" speakers I have ever heard.
I have a classik connected to kef 104.2 speakers, and the match is unblievable. The bass is almost as deep as my martin logan prodigy main system--no kidding. Very highly recommended, and you can pick up pair of used 104.2 speakers for under $800 ( see above, and all the reviews of this classic speaker at audioreview.com). Trust me you won't believe the sound.
Another upgrade that is worthwhile is to add a quality antenna (like MD ST-2) to your system. You'd be surprised how good the tuner section really is.

Also, the quality of the Classik certainly warrants the use of an effective mechanical isolation device. Mine will rest on a Z.slab in the middle shelf of a three-shelf Zoethecus rack.

I've thought about trying a Shakti Stone on top, as well.