Upgrade for Cary 306?

I'm thinking about purchasing a used Berkeley DAC (Alpha 1) and using my Cary 306 for transport (only). I like the idea that the Berkeley has HDCD capability (so I won't lose that feature). Would appreciate it if anyone that has used the Cary 306 as a transport could comment on whether the move was worth it and what they used for a DAC. thanks.
I have been using the 306 as transport for the AMR DP-777 for a couple of years with satisfaction. Always used with the upsampling function (24/96) on.

Cary Audio Design had 4 x 306 models, which was yours, then I can give more info on it, as I'm very fond of some and done some great I/V stage and buffer output mods that made them one of the best sounding Redbook cd players you can have, as they had real R2R ladder multibit dacs inside..

Cary Audio Design CD 306
Cary Audio Design CD 306/200
Cary Audio Design CD 306 SACD
Cary Audio Design CD 306 SACD Pro

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HI George,

I realize I' a little bit late with this but I'm using an Cary 306/200.


Hi Russell, you have what can be a killer cdp in the 306/200 as it has the best starting components to maximize with already:

8 x PCM1704  R2R ladder multibit dacs ("bit perfect" Redbook conversion)

PMD200 last of the HDCD chips from PMD

VAM1202 a very good laser/mech from Philips.

If you know a good tech that can perform these I/V stage and buffer mods (around $300-$400) you will have Redbook (PCM) replay that would be as good even better as anything costing big bucks.


Cheers George

Very cool stuff- George.

we cd/sacd player fans need more "modders".
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Yes it’s very ear opening, to have an active I/V (current to voltage) stage after the D to A converters that has no global feedback. This was further advanced by me from Pedja Rogics (of Audial fame) who first use of the AD844 a 2000 V/μs opamp. That can be used without feedback and stacked (paralleled) as well.

As it’s my belief that the very HF noise and glitches that come out of a D to A converter upset I/V stages that have feedback around them, and a zero feedback I/V stage like this have no problems with it as it is unconditionally very stable, and the proof is in the sound of it, simply stunning compared to what most use, text book I/V opamp (with feedback) stages from the big d/a chip manufacturers, Burr Brown, ESS, Wolfson and Analog Devices etc etc.

Cheers George

Cheers George,

Cabling will always be my 1st love and fascination. 2nd, would be cd/sacd players and the many ways they can be "modded".