Upgrade for Cary 303?

I purchused a used Cary 303 with the PMD-100 digital filter about a month ago. Haven't had alot of time to listen to it because I'm waiting for some new cables. The sound from what I've heard so far is very nice. On the Cary website, the "new" 303 has a PMD-200 digital filter, fixed or variable digital volume control, and remote handset buttons for upsampling and bit rate selections. I almost positive that my 303/100 doesn't have the upsampling and digital volume control as I've looked through the manual. Has anyone compared the 303/100 to the 303/200 and what is involved for the upgrade from the 303/100 to the 303/200 and price? Thanks in advance for the replies.
Regards, Bradz
I inquired about just this same thing. Was told by the girl at Cary to wait for the new 303-200 to come out, she didn't even mention a price. You might e-mail them and have better luck. Best, Charlie
Cary at least told me that upgrade from 306/100 to 306/200 would be $1000.
I don't know about an upgrade from 303/100 to 303/200 but there are some owner comments and comparisons of these two models up on http://AudioAsylum.com in the Digital section.