Upgrade EAD processor or but newer...

I have an older EAD Theatermaster Signature pre/pro (AC-3, 5.1 only). I have the upgrade bug to do something with the processor in the (dedicated) HT system. What would be the best way to go here: upgrade the EAD (via Boelen mods) or purchase a newer used pre/pro here on Agon. Budget is about $2k. BTW, I really don't have the room for anything more than 5.1 right now. Thanks.

I made that same decision as I have the newer EAD Theatermaster Signature (Rowland like faceplate) with AC3 and DTS. I sent my unit to Boelen and was quickly serviced and updated, now i have the cool black with blue lettering display and my unit sounds/functions much better. Maybe later I'll upgrade but after working with the Tact 2.2x in my audio system... I won't uprade until I can do audio correction on my video system!!

Spend your money upgrading to a Projector or a better display or a Velodyne DD15 sub..... those make a bigger difference since the soundtracks really aren't that good.
Bill, does your Signature have the latest firmware orVFD display? If not then do that and keep the processor.

Do you have a need for video switching? I think Cytocycle is correct in where you should spend the funds.

You can only do 5.1 anyhow.
Yeah I bought a Lumagen DVI switcher with Scaler and WOW it cleaned up my digital cable in a huge way plus now I can run all 4 HDTV inputs that I need (DVI-DVD player, DVI- Media Center PC, Component HDTV Cox Cable, Component HDTV Xbox Kit) Best $1500 I spent on my video but I already had the Projector!
Boelen Mods. Absoltely the way to go. I've never heard a 5 channel I liked till I got my completely modded Theatermaster. Even used in 2 channel, it is much better than my two channel stuff, which has included vintage and modern Goldmund, ML, and Classe omega. My Klyne pre is pretty close, closest I have heard, but I think point made.