upgrade Dynaudio Special 40 to Kef Reference 1


I am planning on an upgrade. I am currently using Dynaudio Special 40 speakers with a Hegel Rost amp and JL audio subwoofer. Will i notice big difference if I upgrade to the Kef Reference 1 speakers? Another option I am considering is to upgrade the Hegel Rost amp to a Yamaha AS3000 amp. Which upgrade is more beneficial at this time since I can only do one upgrade. Thanks.

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Thanks all for the contributions. I am now thinking to keep the dynaudio speakers and change the amp. I like the mcintosh type of sound but don't have the budget now. any recommendations on amps?
I finally decided to keep the Dynaudio S40 speakers and grabbed a PASS Int 60 integrated amplifier. Now I have the sound i was looking for. Smooth, lush, detailed, sweet sounding amp. My next speaker purchase will be the dynaudio confidence 20.