Upgrade dilemma-need advise


So I'm wanting to upgrade my simple system. I currently have ML Montage(front), ML Encore(center) and Maggies(MMG rears). Mcintosh MAC3 for processor/pre and a Mcintosh MC126 AMP.

My first thought would be to upgrade the Processor/pre (from lowest to highest) Lexicon mc4,Mcintosh MX119, or Meridian G68. OR I might just upgrade my front MLs(keep the Center ML for now) to Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus Loudspeakers.

If I go high end on the process like the Meridian, I have the added advantage of room correction + better processing and DACS. then I'll be able to keep my MLs for better synergy.

OR can I decide to upgrade to the Sonus Faber Domus (I've only listened to the Cremona Auditors not the Domus. Love the Cremona’s, but guessing the Domus won’t be too far behind).

The upgrade bug is pulling me in all direction on this one.

Yes Music always comes first, but a nice movie would be nice to listen to every now and then.

So which will give me the best sound upgrade? Kind of a loose question. But please entertain me :)

Oh,BTW I live in a small 1200sq ft. Condo.
Thanks in advance!
Get the speakers you like then build the rest of the system to fit.
Agree with Mechans. Focus on speakers first.
If you love the Cremona auditors, don't assume the Domus will sound similar. There is a big difference, especially between the original Cremona auditors and the Domus line. I would strongly recommend that you listen to the Domus before going for them. I have Cremona floorstanders, Grand Piano Homes, original Concerto, Concertino, both original and Homes, and have heard most of the rest of the lines. Personally, I think Domus is the weakest line that SF has ever produced. You might want to look into the new Liuto line, which seems more in step with the earlier speakers. Of course, as always, it really depends on what you like.