Upgrade DAC/CD transport?

I have a Dodson audio DAC 217mk11D and am using a G&D transforms UTP 1 transport with Wywires digital coax cable connecting them. These components were very well reviewed approximately ten or so years ago and I primarily listen to CD's. I'm wondering if the newer DAC's would really yield much better sound quality?
Anyone have any experience with upgrading from comparable very good components from a decade or so ago?
I own the Oppo 105 that was upgraded by John Tucker of Exemplar Audio and it is stunning good. It is an all in one player that provides everything you need. I own the tubed version. John is a great guy and will work with.
Like 'would an OPPO 105D be a good step up?' New transport,new dac,and on and on. Have you considered it?
Hi Mrotino,

I still have a Dodson DA-217 MkIID from about a decade back that I keep around, but from which I have since upgraded (I am currently using a StahlTek Vekian Opus DAC, and also have an EMM Labs DCC2 in a second system).

The key question, though, is how much are you looking to spend on the upgrade? To be honest, I think the transport is by far the weakest link in the chain you have, and you could make much more of a difference starting with an upgrade there. For example, adding a modified CEC TL-1 would give you a great sounding digital setup, so long as you were not looking to invest in SACD or computer audio (I had this setup for several years, and based on my recollection, it is reasonably competitive with a lot of what I hear today for Redbook CD playback). There are a few other transports in the $2-3K range that I also think would make a nice improvement.

However, another route that may make sense is to go for a more recent single unit box, particularly if you were looking for USB input or SACD playback - for example, the Esoteric K-05 may be a good option in that regard. I would caution you in thinking that just because something in "newer" it is definitely "better" - I would guess you would probably have to spend $5k+ on a one box unit today to beat the Dodson with a high end transport.

Best of luck.
@Rzado, I've had a cec TL51XR and it was really good. How would it compare to the CEC TL-1 you owned? I presently have a Lexicon MC-1 which I am using the co-ax expansion ports on rear which bypasses all processing. The sound competes with dacs worth $1000's. It is really that good. So I need a good transport. Any suggestions?
You have to explain what much better means. Most people I know cannot really understand the difference in components mostly because they have never experienced something better only different. They also don't know how to match components or what upgrades/changes can make the sound better. A better DAC can make a much better sound but so would a better preamp which to me is the heart and soul of a system. I use a Rega CDP as a transport but not in stock form. It beat my stock CEC by a long shot for a lot less. I also build my own preamp and DAC and use a modified power amp so what I hear, you have probably never experienced. So if you describe what you are looking for as improvements in your system, that would be a better way for someone to understand what you want you system to sound like so better suggestions can be made. Sorry for the long winded response.