Upgrade CJ PV11 or Acurus L10 or buy CJ Classic?

OK, looking for the next step on the road. Have enjoyed an Acurus L10 I got last year but think there is still better. Have heard the L10 can be upgraded by Ken Ealey to rival many $2k SS pres. Also have a friend offering a CJ PV 11 for $600 which also seems to be very upgradable. Is either path worth it or should I just go more modern and get a CJ Classic for $1500 or so? Will run with an updated MC250, Ohm 3-100s, CA 840C playing all kinds stuff from jazz to acoustic guitar to rock, singer songwriter, etc. I like the warmth of the Mc and especially the newer MC sound of the MC425 and the MA 6300/6600 but cant swing the upgrade cost. Keep hearing the pre brings more to the party than most understand and I feel i have never had a better than average one.Only other option to move forward in a cost effective fashion would be to start over with some kind of tube integrated like the Rogue Cronus Magnum or maybe a Creedk Destiny integrated....something keeping me around $2k.

Does any of this make sense? Suggestions? BTW, I live in Hawaii so I can hear virtually none of this before buying.
Buy the Classic,cheers,James
You could also watch out for a second hand ET3...known as the 'baby GAT'...it retails for $2.5K...could you find one second hand for $1.8K? I would strech to $1.8K over $1.5K for Classic if i could make the stretch and find the second hand ET3.
I can't tell much difference in sound between PV11 and the Classic, tube types make a larger difference than the circuits....to me. I would think a PV11 for $600 is a steal! You could always try different caps or resistors if you wanted to in the pv11. The PV11 nails guitar, vocal and jazz. And it has dynamic range which they lost in the Premier 2/3 series of preamps. If you want warmth in midrange..can't go wrong with PV11 it is reference CJ sound. Only caveat for PV11 I have heard better preamps playing Pink Floyd or Dire Straight with loud complex music...but the preamps were 2K...huge power supply. Good Luck
Since you like it on the warm side I would second the CJ recomendation. If you can, ask you friend if you can try his PV 11 in your system. Either the 11 or the Classic should be what your looking for.